• Classical Metal Tile

Classical Metal Tile

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    Classical Metal Tile Specification     

tile size


installed exposure


coverage area


the number of pavement




    Classical Metal Tile Advantage        

1. durable: warranty for more than 50 years

2. wind resistance: resist hurricane 

3. fire prevention: inflaming retarding 

4. hail resistance: against hail 

5. light weight: five times lighter than common 

     Classical Metal Tile Composition    

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     Classical Metal Tile Physical Properties       

test project

technical data and test result

water resistance

24h test without abnormality

heat resistance

test continuously 24 hours in 90℃ environment, no abnormality

alkali resistance 

48 hours test, no abnormality

acid resistance

48 hours test, no abnormality

resistance salt spray

240 hours test, no abnormality

cycle of freezing and thawing  

20 times test, no abnormality

artificial weathering

long time test, no abnormality

       Classical Metal Tile Color        

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  Product Characteristics of Classical Metal Tile   

The metal tile is produced at 260℃ high temperature and pressure compound processing.

The surface of the classical metal tile is made of 0.45mm fluorocarbon coated aluminum plate, which can present the decorative effect of titanium zinc plate, bluestone plate and bronze plate.

The base material of the classical metal tile is modified asphalt. The base material uses high-quality asphalt with a wax content of less than 1%, which is modified by modifiers such as SBS, rubber, and resin to enhance its self-healing, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and water repellency, etc., suitable for various climatic environment. Modified asphalt mainly exists in the form of functional groups, which increases the viscosity of the asphalt, enhances thermal stability and low-temperature embrittling resistance, and significantly improves the peel resistance of the metal main material and its base material. The quality has been consistent for 30 years.

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